“Nomotoya” Enjoy rich flavor of Pork with just ¥900!!!!

20150518_111352_resizedToday, I went to Daimon to have tasty Tonkatsu.
“Notoya”, which I’m heading for, was on second floor of small multi-tenant building near Daimon of Zoujyouji.
It is located a few minutes walk from Daimon station.
Daimon of Zoujyouji and Tokyo Tower.
I arrived there around opening time and the restaurant was full almost in 10 minutes.

20150518_112836_resizedThis is a menu.
With some consideration, I ordered the cheapest one for ¥900.
Here came tonkatsu in about 10 minutes.

20150518_114051_resizedMeat itself was thicker than expected.

20150518_114319_resizedI tried the first bite with wssabi and soy sause with restaurants recommendation.
Then, I tried with normal tonkatsu sause.
I prefer normal tonkatsu sauce, but at any rate this tonkatsu was delicious!!!!!
I’m too happy to have such a great tonkatsu with just \900. Side dishes were also excellent!! I strongly recommend to try this tonkatsu to foreign tourist.
I wish I could try another expensive one next time and report it to you.


Restaurant’s Name:Nomotoya(のもと家)
Address:2F,Tamagawa Building,2-3-7,Shibakoen,Minato-ku,Tokyo
Operating hours:[Monday~Friday]11:30~14:30(14:00L.O)17:30~22:00(21:30L.O)[Saturday]11:30~14:30(14:00L.O)
Holidays:Sunday,National holidays, summer vacation, Year-end and New Year holidays
Payment method:Payment later


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