“Sendai Gyuutan Negishio Ramen Kizo”Great Beef Tongue

きぞう-外観Today, I visited “Sendai Gyuutan Negishio Ramen Kizo”, which was a second brand of a famous “Chibakiya’ in Kasai. It was located in “Tokyo Ramen Street” within “Tokyo Ichibangai”. I had experienced crowdedness at lunch time here, so I tried to be there very early and arrived there at 10:30. If it were so early, there were not so many people around there.

きぞう-食券I ordered ramen(¥830), the most simple one. I passed a ticket to a person in charge and waited ramen to come at the table. Here came one in 5 minutes.

きぞう-ラーメンToppings were beef tongue, cloud ear mushroom, welsh onion and sesame.
きぞう-ラーメン麺Noodle was flat and wavy. You could enjoy its firm texture. Soup had a taste of beef tail one. A little bit salty but softened by sweetness of welsh onion and flavor of sesame oil. Then, I tried main actor, beef tongue. Very soft and disappeared in mouth with a little bit bite.

I would like to order Mashi ramen which had 2 slices of beef tongue.


Restaurant’s name: Sendai Gyuutan Negishio Ramen Kizo(仙台牛タンねぎ塩ラーメン 㐂蔵)
Address: Tokyo Ramen Street B1F, Tokyoeki Ichibangai, 1-9-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 10:30~22:30
Holiday: Open throughout a year
Payment method: Ticket in advance



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