“Hirugao Tokyoekiten”Specialized in Shio Ramen within Setagaya Group

東京駅一番街Today, I visited “Hirugao Tokyoekiten” which was specialized in shio(salt) ramen under “Setagaya Group”, one of the most popular ramen chain. It was located in “Tokyo Ramen Street” within “Tokyo Ichibangai”, B1F of south outlet of Yaesu, Tokyo station.

東京ラーメンストリートThis was an entrance of “Tokyo Ramen Street”.

東京ラーメンストリートラーメン店There were a lot of famous ramen shops such as Rokurinsha, Tonari, Ikaruga, etc. I myself was most interested in Soranoiro which was opened June 18, 2015.

ひるがお行列I arrived there at 11:37 and found around 10 people were waiting. All ramen shops in “Tokyo Ramen Street” had lines of people of waiting.

ひるがお食券It seemed that it was a rule in “Tokyo Ramen Street” to buy a ticket before you stand in line. I bought a ticket of “ Shio Ramen Hirugaomori(¥1,080)” and enter the shop 12 minutes later. Ramen came to me 3 more minutes later.

塩らーめんひるがお盛り(1,080円)Toppings were roasted pork fillet, egg, welsh onion, bamboo shoots, dried sea lettuce and wonton.

塩らーめんひるがお盛り(1,080円)Noodle was not only straight and smoothbut also had firm texture. Soup had good harmony of fish and animal meat. Salt played a good role to make one soft and somewhat rich. I noticed yuzu taste once. Great balance of all ingredients.

焼き豚Roasted pork fillet was chewy. I found deliciousness of non fatty pork fillet.

海老ワンタンShrimp wonton. Thin and smooth skin and juicy ingredients. Delicious!!

Really balanced ramen.

Restaurant’s name: Hirugao Tokyoekiten(ひるがお 東京駅店)
Address: Tokyo Ramen Street B1F, Tokyoeki Ichibangai, 1-9-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 10:30~23:30
Holiday: Open throughout a year
Payment method: Ticket in advance



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