“Mugi to Olive” Tripple attack of rich taste

むぎとオリーブ外観Today, I visited “Mugi to Olive” which was selected as Bib gourmand in Michelin Tokyo 2015. It was located 6~7 minutes from Ginza station. I arrived there at 11:00, 30 minutes before opening. There was not anyone waiting at that time, but were 6 people waiting at opening time.

むぎとオリーブ メニューYou should buy a ticket in advance and a menu was on a table. I ordered tripple(chicken, small dried sardine and clam)soba(¥980) and waited 4~5 minutes before the dish came.

むぎとオリーブ 鶏・煮干・蛤のトリプルSOBAToppings were seaweed, fried yam, fried Naruto, mitsuba, welsh onion, chicken and clam.

むぎとオリーブ 鶏・煮干・蛤のトリプルSOBANoodle was straight and gave same mouthfeel as Japanese soba. Soup gave me various impression. First, flavor of chicken and mild taste of soy sauce came. Next, rich taste of small dried sardine and clam came after. Delicious and felt originality.
Chicken was soft and tasty. You could enjoy taste of chicken itself. Fried(in olive oil) yam and Naruto were good addition to soup. Only thing I could say was it was really delicious. I strongly recommend you to try.

Restaurant’s name: Mugi to Olive(むぎとオリーブ)
Address: 1F, Ginza Sutera building, 6-12-12, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 11:30~22:00(Weekdays), 11:30~21:00(Saturdays and National Holiday)
Holiday: Sundays
Payment method: Ticket in advance



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