“Shinamen Hashigo Honten” Light Dandanmen with yuzu flavor

支那麺はしご本店外観Today, I visited “Shinamen Hashigo Honten” It was located a few minutes walk from Ginza station. I arrived there at 11 o’clock(opening time) and could enter the shop at once.

支那麺はしご本店メニューI took a look at menu and found that Tantanmen was called Dandanmen here at this restaurant. I ordered Taro Dandanmen with service rice. Here came rservice rice in 2 minutes.

支那麺はしご本店サービスライス"30 secons later, Taro Dandanmen(¥1,000) came.

支那麺はしご本店太肉担々麺Toppings were Taro, pork loin, Chinese cabbage and weish onion.

支那麺はしご本店太肉担々麺Noodle was straight and thin but chewy. You could enjoy various taste and flavor from the soup, taste of Hakaku, hotness, sesame flavor and finally yuzu. It was rather light Dandanmen and was easy to eat.

支那麺はしご本店太肉In addition, there were 2 pieces of very soft Taro which were boiled more than a day. Taste of Taro was not that strong and was a good addition to noodle.

支那麺はしご本店太肉担々麺スープとライスFinally, I ate service rice with soup of Dandanmen. It was delicious enough to be in a normal menu.

Dandanmen, which you could enjoy twice. Please try!!

Restaurant’s name: Shinamen Hashigo Honten(支那麺 はしご 本店)
Address:1F, Dai2 sowa re do building, 6-3-5, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 11:00~5:00(Weekdays)
11:00~21:00(Weekend, National holiday)
Holiday: Open throughout a year.
Payment method: Pay later



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