“Ginnza Sushidokoro Marui Ginzasouhonten ” Hellow from rice!

外観Today, I visited “Ginza Sushidokoro Marui Ginzasouhonten” It was located 3 ~4 minutes walk from Ginza station.I arrived there 30 minutes before its opening and find 2 people were waiting. The number was increased to 7 at opening. However, the restaurant had large space and second floor.Therefore, all of us could easily enter the restaurant and guest s coming one after another also could find their place in the restaurant.

メニューAfter sitting at the table, I ordered “Zukeana Chirashi”(¥1,300) and the dish came in 10 minutes.

づけ穴ちらしZukemaguro(tune pickled in soy sauce) was sticky and delicious,which ware made of both lean and medium fatty parts of tuna. Conger eel was with reasonably sweet sauce and you could enjoy taste of conger eel itself. Then, I found a yellow object,,,,,egg inside rice. Salmon egg, flying fish roe,shrimp, burned salmon and octopus were coming after. It was enjoyable to find ingregients inside rice.


Restaurant’s name: Ginza Sushidokoro Marui Ginzasouhonten(銀座寿司処 まる伊 銀座総本店)
Address: 1F,2F Ginza Chuo building,3-8-15, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 11:00~14:30(lunch,everyday),17:00~22;00(dinner,Weekdays), 15:00~20:00(dinner,Weekends)
Holiday: National Holiday
Payment method: Pay later



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