“AFURI Ropongi Hills”With great Yuzu flavor

20150509_105025_resizedToday.’s Ramen is at“AFURI Ropongi Hills”
This shop is on the 1st basement floor of Ropongi Hills North Tower, which is close to Ropongi subway station.
Please take a look at this tall building!!

20150509_113014_resizedMany people waiting for their turn to enter.
I ordered limited version of Soy Sause Ramen.¥1,000

20150509_110559_2_resizedThere was a machine which burns meat.
Here came ramen in 10 minutes.

20150509_112143_resizedFlavor of Yuzu, citrus fruit is impressive and noodle itself is tasty.
Nextly, you can feel sweetness of soup made of chicken and fish. Soy sauce itself was light, but had special rich flavor.

20150509_112447_1_resized7 to 8 pork blocks inside. They were savory and tasty.
It was really delicious.
In case you would like to have light ramen, this shop is sure to be one of the best choice.
Please try one of the convenient shop of this group.


Restaurant’s Name:AFURI Ropongi Hills(AFURI 六本木ヒルズ)
Address:B1F Roppongihills North Tower,6-10-1,Roppongi Minato-ku,Tokyo
Operating hours:11:00~23;00
Holidays:Open throughout the year
Payment method:Meal coupon in advance,Payment in advance


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