“Ginza Kagari” Enjoy decent and naïve chicken broth Soba

銀座篝外観Today’s target was “Ginza Kagari” which I had given up last time having seen a long line of waiting people. There was only a simple signboard saying “Soba” ,so It looked difficult to find the restaurant. But, don’t worry. Only thing you should do is to get on a line.It was located a few minutes walk from crossroad of Ginza 4 Chome. This time, I arrived there 30 minutes before its opening and find 4people were waiting in line. The number was increased to 15 at opening.

鶏白湯SOBA並I ordered chicken broth soba(¥950).Here came the dishes in 10 minutes.

鶏白湯SOBA並Toppings were a taro, an eggplant, steamed chicken and kidney beans. A taro was boiled in Kyoto style and had a bit of yuzu flavor. An eggplant was raw and looked cool.

鶏白湯SOBA並The noodle was straight and had thickness of Japanese soba. The soup was like potage condensed with chicken and vegetable taste. Decent taste with soft and rich flavor.

薬味There were fried onion and ginger as spices. I hesitated to try them since the ramen was too perfect. But, finally I tried them. Fried onion gave savory taste having good harmony with normal onion. Then, I put ginger into the soup. It was fresh!!.

I went out the restaurant and found 30 people were in line.It was a popular and delicious ramen shop.


Restaurant’s name: Ginza Kagari(銀座 篝)
Address: 1F, Ginza A building, 4-4-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 11:00~15:30,17:30~22:30(Weekdays), 11:00~15:30,17:30~21:00(Saturdays and National Holiday)
Holiday: Sundays
Payment method: Pay later



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