“Tsukemen Yuishin”Do you like Tsukemen of strong impact?

IMG_2483 Today’s Ramen was in St.Jiyugaoka. One of the cool place in Japan.
The name of restaurant is “TSUKEMEN YUISHIN”.
It takes a few minutes from the station and you can find it easily .

IMG_2486I ordered “TOKUSEI TSUKEMEN”. “TOKUSEI” means special(¥1,020).

IMG_2489“TOKUSEI” had some additional stuff. Eggs, Pork, chicken, bamboo shoots, and welsh onion. Welsh onion was a good addition!!!

IMG_2487The noodles were really chewy!! I really liked this kind of noodles!!

IMG_2488The soup was really deep. You could feel sweetness and rich taste of soup which was a good mixture of fish and animal meat.
It was great combination of noodles and soup!!!!
In case you feel like eating Tsukemen here in Jiyuugaoka, this shop is sure to be one of the best choice.

Restaurant’s Name:Tsukemen Yuishin(つけ麺結心)
Address:1-11-3 Jiyugaoka,Meguro-ku,Tokyo
Operating hours: 11:00~14:00 17:30~2:00
Holidays:Open throughout the year
Payment method:Meal coupon in advance,Payment in advance


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