“Ganko Ginza4 chometen” Enjoy tea ceremony dishes with reasonable price

がんこ銀座四丁目店外観Today, I visited “Gank Ginza 4 chometen” where you could enjoy Tea ceremony dishes without any hesitation. I had enjoyed dinner with my parents and relatives the other day and I tried lunch by myself.

がんこ銀座四丁目店入口Entrance was in basement.

がんこ銀座四丁目店内観The room was decorated by arranged flowers and Japanese traditional music was on as BGM. It was a space to make you home. Here came the dishes in 10 minutes.

がんこ銀座四丁目店いろどり弁当Irodori Bento(¥1,512). 7 dishes, rice and miso soup.

前菜箱6 kinds of appetizers. They were light and made good use of materials.

天ぷらTempura. Very crispy.

季節ご飯Rice seasoned with beans. Eggs all over rice made them more tasty.

味噌汁Miso soup of eggplant. Delicious with strong flavor of bonito.

You could enjoy variety of foods with reasonable price. It was a bargen.
If you paid additional ¥648, you could also have salad and sashimi.

There were variety of selection, such as tea ceremony dishes, sushi lunch box etc. I also strongly recommend tea ceremony dishes at dinner time.

Restaurant’s name: Ganko Ginza 4chometen(がんこ 銀座四丁目店)
Address: B1,B2F, Ginza Hakko building, 4-4-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 11:30~23:00(Mondays to Saturdays), 11:30~22:00(Sundays and National Holiday)
Holiday: Open throughout a year.
Payment method: Pay later



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