“Karabishi Miso Ramen Kikanbo” Hot, numb and delicious, wonderful experience

カラシビ味噌らー麺 鬼金棒外観I went to “Karabishi Miso Ramen Kikanbo” which is famous for serving hot, numl and delicious ramen. It was located a few minutes walk from Kanda station. I arrived there 10:52, 8 minutes before opening.Only 1 person was waiting when I arrived, but as soon as it opened, the restaurant was almost full at once. I bought a ticket for special Karabishi Misi Ramen(¥1,000) and passed it to a person in charge. I was asked level of hotness and answered around middle level.
Here came ramen in 5~6 minutes.

カラシビ味噌らー麺 鬼金棒 特カラシビ味噌らー麺1A bunch of toppings.

カラシビ味噌らー麺 鬼金棒 特カラシビ味噌らー麺2Soup gave me three types of impression, hotness, taste of Japanese pepper and flavor of miso.
Midium thick straight noodle matched hot soup.
All of topping played important role of them, especially bean sprouts always made soup mild.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt was very delicious ramen with best combination of soup, toppings and noodle. Please adjust level of hotness depending on your preference and try one

Restaurant’s name: Karabishi Miso Ramen Kikanbo(カラシビ味噌らー麺 鬼金棒)
Address: 2-10-10, Kajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 11:00~21:30(Weekdays, Saturdays and National holiday),11:00~16:00(Sundays)
Holiday: Open throughout a year.
Payment method: Ticket in advance



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