“Tsukiji Yoshino Kichiya”Enjoy conger eel specialized restaurant

つきじ芳野吉弥外観Today I visited “Tsukiji Yoshino Kichiya” which was managed by a middle trader specializing in conger eel. It was located 5~6 minutes walk from Tsukiji station. I arrived there at 10:56a.m. There were 4 guests at counter inside.

つきじ芳野吉弥メニューI ordered lunch special “Anago no Bokashi(¥1,600)” and wated for 5 minutes. Here came the one.

つきじ芳野吉弥あなごのばかし1I was told to wait another 1 minute before opening a lid. It was an enjoyable procedure, wasn’t it.

つきじ芳野吉弥砂時計This sand clock was on the table to check 1 minutes.

つきじ芳野吉弥あなごのばかし2Anago no Bokashi means boiled and burned conger eel.

つきじ芳野吉弥あなごのばかし3Full of conger eel. You could not see any rice.Conger eel was soft and delicious.Sauce was not that sweet and decent. By trying various seasonings, youcould enjoy to the limit. I was really moved!!!

Restaurant’s name: Tsukiji Yoshino Kichiya
Address: 6-21-5 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 9:30~15:30(Sundays to Wednesdays), 9:30~15:30, 17:00~20:30(Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays)
Holiday: Please take a look at it’s home page, Wednesday in many case.
Payment method: Pay later



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