「Gyukatsu Ichi Ni San」-Move with very rare beef!!

DSC_1229Visited “Gyuukatsu Ichi Ni San” whichi was famous for consistant line of people.
7~8 minites from Akihabara station. 3 minites Suehirocho station(subway).

DSC_1224Arrived at 11:50. 7~8 people were already in line.

DSC_1226I ordered set menu of beef loin cutlet and rice boiled with barley. ¥1200.It took 30 minites befor I sat at the table.

DSC_1228As you could see at outside sideboard. The dish was served just in 60 seconds.A person in charge kindly explained how to eat.

DSC_12331. Put wasabi on a piece of beef cutlet and dip into soy sauce on the right.

2.Eat a piece by putting into Yama wasabi sauce in the middle.

3. Eat a piece with salt.


First, I  tried option 1. Delicious!! Great match between rare beef and wasabi+soy sauce.

Next, I tried optin 2. It was like eating carpaccio with sour and sweet sauce.

Finally, I tried option 3. I sometimes eat Tonkatsu with salt . I found this way of eating also matched rare beef cutlet.

You could enjoy taste of beef itself.

You could try various way to enjoy the dish. Maybe, you could eat much of beef at this restaurant than normal steakhouse, because the cutlet is lighter than normal beefsteak.


Restaurant’s Name:Gyukatsu Ichi Ni San(牛かつ 壱弐参)
Address:B1F,Watanabe  Building,3-18-7,Sotokanda,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo
Oparating hours:[Monday-Friday]11:00~21:00[Saturday,National horidays]11:00~20:30
Holidays:Open throughout the year
Payment method:Payment later



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