“GUNDAM Café Akihabaraten” Enjoyable café for GUNDAM lovers

ガンダムカフェ秋葉原店Today, I visited “GUNDAM Café Akihabaraten”. It is located one minute walk from Denkigai outlet of Akihabara station. Antennas of GUNDAM were said to be a life size.

ガンダムTwo GUNDAMs welcome you at the entrance.

ガンダムThis GUNDAM seemed to introduce a menu.

シャアThere was a poster of Char Aznable inside the restaurant.

フィギュアThere were a lot of figures of GUNDAM and related goods such as mug cups.

ガンダムIf you looked up, you could find another GUNDAM.

ハロThere was Haro, a popular character of GUNDAM series, at a bar counter.

ハロThere was another Hara where you receive dishes.

メニューSitting at a table, I found Charzaku rice version 2 on a menu. Char Aznable is called red comet, so the dish include red chicken rice with tomato ketchup.
Here came the dish around 5 minutes after order.

シャアザクCharzaku rice version 2 (¥880). There were scrambled egg and wiener salad in addition to chicken rice.

ああああああああああHaro latte(¥390). Haro on a café latte. Pretty one, isn’t it.

BGM was, of course, a theme song of GUNDAM. You could also find interesting thing in a rest room. Please confirm when you visit there.

Enjoyable café for GUNDAM lovers. Why don’t you try?

Restaurant’s name: Gundam Café Akihabaraten
Address: 1-1,Hanaokacho,Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 10:00~23:00(Weekdays), 8:30~23:00(Saturdays).
8:30~21:30(Sundays, National Holiday)
Holiday: Open throughout a year
Payment method: Pay in advance

営業時間:[月~金]10:00~23:00 [土]8:30~23:00 [日・祝]8:30~21:30



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