“Uchida”The most popular Motsuyaki restaurant aroun Keisei Tateishi station.

うちだToday, we visited “Uchida”, the most popular Motsuyaki(skewered roast giblets)restaurant around Keisei Tateishi station. It is located a minute walk from Keisei Tateishi station. We arrived there 30 minutes before its opening and found such a long line of people. We were afraid that we could not enter at its opening (14:00) but could get almost the last seats.

うちだ-ビールFirst, we cleared our throat with beer.

煮込み-うちだNikomi(An innards stew). Ingredients of Uchida’s Nikomi are big, not that sweet and suit with sake.

梅割りShochu with ume(prune) syrup. This is a must drink here at Uchida. Filled a glass with shochu and put ume syrup on it. Good with Motsuyaki.

うちだ-もつ焼きタレFrom the left, Shiro(Tare) and Liver(Tare). The former was good with tare(dip) and the latter was sweet and delicious.

うちだFrom the left, Kashira(Shio) and Gatsu(Shio). Kashira(Head) was juicy and Gatsu had great texture.
Two of us had a large bottle of beer, 2 glasses of shochu with ume, a Nikomi and 8 motsuyakis. What we paid was just ¥2,000. Incredibly cheap!!
Why don’t you visit “Uchida” at Tateishi which is loved by a lot of drinkers.

Restaurant’s name: Uchida
Address: Nakamiseshoutengai,1-18-8,Tateishi, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 16:00~ around 19:30(Weekdays). 12:00~(Saturdays)
Holiday: Sundays, National Holiday
Payment method: Pay later

住所:東京都葛飾区立石1-18-8 仲見世商店街



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