“Ryougoku Kokugikan”Watch a Grand Sumo Tournament Part 2

両国国技館Last time, I reported very basic knowledge to watch a Grand Sumo Tournament. This time, I would like to introduce my impression of watching the tournament.

両国国技館As soon as you arrive at Ryougoku Kokugikan, banners of sumo wrestlers are waiting for you.

壁画At the entrance of Ryougoku Kokugikan, there are wall paintings of old sumo wrestlers.

遠藤There is a comic foreground, which Endo, one of the most popular sumo wrestler, picks you up like a princess.

神社There are shrines within Ryougoku Kokugikan. “Houkoku Inari jinjya” is on the left and “Shusse Inari Jinjya” is on the right.

両国国技館内This is an entrance hall. Crowded!!

等身大パネルThere are life-sized panel of sumo wrestlers in the building of Ryougoku Kokugikan. You can take picture with them.

優勝トロフィーThere is a championship trophy.

総理大臣杯Prime Minister Cup

各国友好杯Friendship Cups of various countries

お土産売り場Souvenir shops
How about that? I’m sorry but I cannot introduce my impression about watching sumo tournament, so I will try that next time.

Ryougoku Kokugikan
1-3-28, Yokozuna, Sumida-ku, Tokyo




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