“Ryougoku Kokugikan”Watch a Grand Sumo Tournament Part 3

両国国技館Last time, I reported how it looks at the entrance and inside Ryougoku Kokugikan. This time, I would like to introduce my impression about watching the tournament.



This time, we watched a Grand Sumo Tournament at Masu B seat for 4 people.

幕下We started to watch with Makushita tournament.

写真There were pictures of former champions. A lot of pictures of Hakuho, current Yokoduna, were there.

取組You can confirm the schedule of Makuuchi match on an electric scoreboard. Jyuryou match schedule can be confirmed by “Today’s match” which you can get in exchange for an entrance ticket.

十両土俵入りDohyouiri of Jyuurou.

十両A sumo referee wear socks at Jyurou match but don’t wear them at Macushita match.

幕内Dohyouiri of Makuuchi.

横綱Dohyouiri of Yokozuna.

Makuuch matches start after this ceremony.

懸賞There is prize money for popular sumo wrestlers. The winner of a match get all of them.

横綱Today’s last match. Kakuryu(Yokozuna) vs Yoshikaze(Maegashira). There are a lot of prize money.

Both of them were charged up for the match.

Who won?

Kakuryu’s upset loss. Yoshikaze won! A lot of floor cushions were thrown, which happened when Yokozuna lost.

弓取り式Yumitori ceremony is there after all matches are finished.

This was my first experience to watch a Grand Sumo Tournament. It was fun. You can enjoy foods and drinks during tournaments. Moreover, it was really enjoyable to watch sumo tournaments.

Please think over to include watching the sumo tournament in your Tokyo tour.

Ryougoku Kokugikan
1-3-28, Yokozuna, Sumida-ku, Tokyo




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