“Tempura Kurokawa”A popular tempura restaurant in Tsukiji

てんぷら黒川Today, I visited “Tempura Kurokawa”. It is located 5 minute walk from Asakusa station. I arrived there at 11:15. The restaurant was around 80% full.
I sat at the table, ordered “Jyou Tendon(¥1,500)” and waited 5 minutes before the dish came.

上天丼Toppings were a shrimp, a Japanese whiting, squid, eggplant and pumpkin. A miso soup and pickles were also served.

てんぷら黒川Dip was not salty and decently sweet. Batter was thin and was not heavy. I guess I could eat much of them. There were shrimp heads in a miso soup. This miso soup which had rich taste of shrimp soup stock was the one which you could enjoy only in Tsukiji.

If you get tired of heavy dishes, I strongly recommend you to try one.

Restaurant’s name: Tempura Kurokawa
Address: 6-21-8, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 9:00~14:00, 17:00~21:00
Holiday: Sundays, National Holiday
Payment method: Pay later

営業時間:[昼]9:00~14:00 (LO13:45) [夜]17:00~21:00 (LO20:00)



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