“Giant Panda Bus”Recommendable places to visit with a free bus

パンダバスThere are a lot of good places to visit in Asakusa other than Sensouji and Nakamise street. These places are a little bit far from stations but it is easy to visit there using a free “Giant Panda Bus”.

ロックス前This is a bus stop. Bus comes every 50 minutes.

路線図There are 16 bus stops including, “Asakusa Rox”, “Kaminarimon” and “Tobu Asakusa Station”.
Here we start our sightseeing tour with a “Giant Panda Bus”.

スカイツリーFirst of all, Skytree!! It’s great we can reach there for free from Asakusa.

今戸神社This is “Imado Jinjya(shrine)”, which is famous as a god of marriage and always crowded with young ladies.

まねき猫It is also famous as the birthplace of Manekineko(a welcoming cat).

待乳山聖天This is “Matsuchiyamashouden”, which is famous as a shrine to make the couple get along well with each other. It is quite relaxing surrounded by green and silence.

How do you like it? Please also visit some other sightseeing spots with a “Giant Panda Bus” in Asakusa.

P.S. I would like to introduce “Imado Jinjya” and “Matsuchiyamashouden” in detail sometime later.



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