“Pour~café”Enjoy very cold Yamagata ramen

プルーカフェToday, I visited “Pour~café”. It is located 1~2 minute walk from Ginza 1 chome station. I arrived there at 11:30 and found that 3 ladies were waiting in line.

プルーカフェThe interior of the shop looked like good old America with antiques, such as a wall clock, a radio and pop arts.
I paid the check in advance and waited around 10 minutes before the dish came.

山形水ラーメンMy order was “Yamagata water ramen set”(¥980). Toppings were bamboo shoots, welsh onions, egg and mitsuba.

山形水ラーメンIt was really cold, much colder than normal cold chuka soba or tsukemen. A liitle bit thick wavy noodles made my body cool and went down into my stomach. The reason why it was so cold,,,,,,,.

山形水ラーメンThere was such a big ice. In addition, there was some more frozen soup stock inside a bowl. I found their effort to make soup constantly cold. You could enjoy rich taste of bonito, even though the soup was very cold.

ブルーカフェ コーヒーThen, I enjoyed coffee. It was also delicious.
Let’s get over hot September with this cold “Yamagata water ramen”!

Restaurant’s name: Pour~café
Address: 1-14-9, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 11:30~23:30(Mondays to Thursdays, Saturdays)
11:30~20:00(Sundays, National Holiday)
Holiday: Open throughout a year
Payment method: Pay in advance

営業時間:月~木 11:30~23:30 金 11:30~翌1:00 土 11:30~23:30 日・祝 11:30~20:00



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