“Asakusa Mugitoro Honten”It’s a bargain to have lunch buffet of Mugitoro

浅草むぎとろ本店Today, I visited a long standing restaurant, “Asakusa Mugitoro Honten” established in 1929. It is located 3 minute walk from Asakusa station.

とろろ三昧It was today’s purpose to have “Lunch Buffet Tororo Zanmai” on a lunch menu. It is all you can eat and drink of mugi toro rice, 13 kinds of dishes, desserts and soft drinks.
I arrived there at 10:53, 7 minutes before its opening. There were 20 people waiting in line, but I could enter the restaurant at its opening.
I was urged to be on the top floor where only “Lunch Buffet Tororo Zanmai” were served.
You could have a superb view on that floor!


Komagata bridge

Sky treeー

Sky tree

Komagata bridge over Sumida river and Skytree.

浅草むぎとろ本店First, I had boiled barley and rice with seasoned grated yam, shijimi miso soup, rolled egg, cubed pork and tuna pickled in soy sauce.
You could enjoy tasty soup stock of grated yam and good texture of barley and rice. I finished them all at once.

ごまとろろNext, I had grated yam with sesame, deep fried tofu with soup stock, meat, asari clam and dried young sardines boiled in sweetened soy sauce and eggplant. Flavor of sesame and sweetness of yam stimulated my appetite.

茶そばThere also were green tea soba noodles. You could have them with grated yam and dip.





Desserts were much more tasty than I had expected. However, I was too much full to have them as much as I liked.

アイスコーヒーFinally, I ha iced coffee. Gochisousamadeshita!!

All of them were delicious and I had too much. Especially, boiled barley and rice with seasoned grated yam were too easy to eat.
I recommend you to try dishes a little by little.

Restaurant’s name: Asakusa Mugitoro Honten
Address: 2-2-4, Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 11:00~21:00
Holiday: Open throughout a year
Payment method: Pay in advance

店名:浅草むぎとろ 本店



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