“Edokko” Lively Motsuyakiya in Shitamachi

江戸っこWe went to “Tateishi”, a sacred place for a drinker. First shop we visited was “Maruchu Kamabokoten”. Speaking of “Tateishi”, we should have “Motsuyaki”, so we dropped in “Edokko”. Motsuyaki was, in general, skewered roast giblets. It looked like “Yakitori” , and you ate with sweet sauce or salt.
Even though it was at 17:00 on a weekday, there were full of guests inside the restaurant and a few people were waiting outside. We could enter the restaurant around 5 minutes after our arrival.

江戸っ子Cheers with highballs(¥350) and a high sour lemon(¥380).

江戸っ子An innards stew. There were pork guts, tofu, welsh onions etc. It was miso taste. Pork guts were soft and delicious without any odor.

江戸っ子A macaroni salad(¥200). Cheap!!! It was mild with eggs.

江戸っ子Gristles(¥360). Their crunchy texture was great.

江戸っこLivers and heads(¥360). Livers were sweet, fresh and without any odor. Heads were quite juicy.

Today, we stopped our short tour at “Tateishi” with these 2 restaurants. Three of us spent only ¥6,000 in total, ¥2,000 each.
“Tateishi” was really a sacred place for drinkers. If you like to drink, why don’t you drop in at “Tateishi” as a part of your Tokyo tour.

Restaurant’s name: Edokko
Address: 7-1-9,Tateishi, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 16:30~21:00(Mondays to Saturdays)
Holiday: Sundays
Payment method: Pay later




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