“Menya Kaijin”A fish soup with outstanding toppings

麺屋海神Today, I visited “Menya Kaijin”. It was located within a minute walk from east south outlet of Shinjuku station. It was very delightful that I could reach the shop within a short period of time under the blazing sun.
I arrived there at 11:07, 7 minutes after its opening and found the shop was about 70% full.

麺屋海神Taking a look at a menu at the table, my eyes were on “Aradaki Shio Ramen Heshiko Yakionigiri tsuki”(¥980). It was said that you put a yakionigiri in a soup after you finished noodles and had one. I loved this way of enjoying twice.
A person in charge explained that you could make a ramen large for free. I hesitated a little bit because I should have a yakionigiri, too. But finally, I decided to make one large. Here came a ramen in 2 minutes.

麺屋海神Toppings were welsh onions, a Japanese ginger, ginger needles, a green perilla, red pepper, a fish ball and a chicken meat ball.

麺屋海神Noodles were thin, straight and chewy. Soup was based on soup stock of bony parts of fish. It was a little bit fishy but had decent taste. All toppings made soup less fishy and refreshing.
Fish ball made of cod fish and shrimp was soft. On the other hand, meat ball included soft chicken bones and it was crunchy crisp. Both of them were delicious.

麺屋海神After I finished noodles, I put Heshiko(mackerel pickled in rice-bran paste) Yakionigiri into soup. It was very delicious mainly because Heshiko made a dish reasonably salty. You could enjoy flavor of burnt rice, too. Finally, I put Japanese pepper and hotness stimulated my appetite.

It was said that they used different fish day by day. I would like to try again in the near future.


Restaurant’s name: Menya Kaijin
Address: 2F, Sanraku building, 3-35-7,Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 11:00~15:00, 16:30~23:30(Mondays to Saturdays)
Holiday: Irregular Holiday
Payment method: Pay later

住所:東京都新宿区新宿3-35-7 さんらくビル 2F
営業時間:[月~土]11:00~15:00 16:30~23:30[日]11:00~23:00



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