“Tonkotsu Ramen Oreshiki Jun”Naming told everything

とんこつらーめん俺式純Today, I visited “Tonkotsu Ramen Oreshiki Jun” within Tokyo Ramen Street. With this, I visited all the ramen shops within Tokyo Ramen Street.
I arrived there at 10:27, 3 minutes before its opening and found 5 people were waiting in line. However, it was not so much crowded as the other ramen shops within Tokyo Ramen Street were.
I bought a ticket out of a vending machine and waited for 7 minutes before a ramen came.

とんこつらーめん俺式純This was a “Yarisugi Niboshi Ramen”(¥850) which was supposed to be served up to 50 dishes a day. Toppings were welsh onions, roasted pork fillets, bamboo shoots and seaweeds.

Noodles were flat, soft and chewy.
A soup had, as one named, strong niboshi (small dried sardine) taste. Everything, such as flavor, rich taste and bitterness, was extracted from niboshi and blended with tonkotsu (pork bone) soup. Frankly speaking, tonkotsu taste was almost disappeared.
Its name told everything. I would like to try normal tonkotsu ramen next time.

Restaurant’s name: Tonkotsu Ramen Oreshiki Jun
Address: B1F, Tokyo Ramen Street, Tokyoeki Ichibangai, 1-9-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 10:30~23:00
Holiday: Open throughout a year
Payment method: Ticket in advance

店名:とんこつらーめん俺式 純
住所:東京都千代田区丸の内1-9-1 東京駅一番街 B1F 東京ラーメンストリート内



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