“Menya CoCo ichi Umakoku Curry Ramen Akihabaraten”

麺屋ここいち うまこくカレーらーめん 秋葉原店Today, I visited “Menyakokoichi Umakoku Curry Ramen Akihabaraten”. It is located a few minute walk from Akihabara station. This shop is managed by “Curry House CoCo Ichibanya(CoCoichi)” which has 1,401 shops all over the world. It is a matter of course that you could have delicious curries at CoCoichi. How about a curry ramen?

麺屋ここいち うまこくカレーらーめん 秋葉原店There were two kinds of ramen, “Umakoku” and “Nokou Umakoku”. As far as hotness was concerned, you could choose from several level of hotness as you could do at CoCoichi. This time, I ordered “Umakoku Curry Ramen(¥702) and made one with medium hotness. Here came a ramen in 5 minutes.

麺屋ここいち うまこくカレーらーめん 秋葉原店Toppings were welsh onions, cabbages, bean sprouts and ground meat.

麺屋ここいち うまこくカレーらーめん 秋葉原店Noodles were medium thick and straight. Soup was just as I expected from curries at CoCoichi. You could enjoy rich taste in hotness. You must easily be a repeater.
However, probably because it was a ramen, it was less tasty and spicy than curry rice at CoCoichi.

麺屋ここいち うまこくカレーらーめん 秋葉原店Then, I decided to put one, Tobikara(very hot)spice which was famous for CoCoichi lovers.

麺屋ここいち うまこくカレーらーめん 秋葉原店I put one a lot and stirred it. Delicious!! Not only hotness but also rich taste were added. It was a good point of CoCoichi that you could change taste as you like.
I thought this soup was tasty with rice if I tried. However, I was too full to continue to eat.

CoCoich lovers should be there!

Restaurant’s name: Menyakokoichi Umakoku Curry Ramen Akihabaraten
Address: 1F,Uchio Matsunaga building, 16, Kanda Matsunagacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 11:00~22:00
Holiday: Open throughout a year
Payment method: Pay later

店名:麺屋ここいち うまこくカレーらーめん 秋葉原店
住所:東京都千代田区神田松永町16 内尾松永ビル 1F



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