“Torimeshi Torifujibunten”Full of rich taste, Oyakodon Shio

鳥めし 鳥藤分店Today I visited “Torimeshi Torifujibunten” which was managed by a chicken wholesaler, “Torifuji” established in 1907.
It is located 4~5 minute walk from Tsukiji station.

鳥めし 鳥藤分店I arrived there at 9:47 which was not a breakfast time nor lunch time, but still there were 4~5 people in the restaurant.
Taking a look at a menu, there was a dish called “Oyakodon Shio(Salt)”. I was interested in the dish and ordered it. Here came a dish in 6 minutes.

鳥めし 鳥藤分店Oyakodon Shio (¥800). White broth soup was also there.

親子丼 しおDelicious!! The taste was completely different from my expectation through the naming of ”Shio”. It was soft and sweet with a little bit of hotness of yuzu pepper. You also could enjoy chewy and rich taste of chicken which came from its parent wholesaler.

Finally, I had white broth soup and found one also very delicious. It was not that salty and you could enjoy taste of chicken broth a lot.

Please keep in mind you could have a delicious Oyakodon in Tsukiji, too.

Restaurant’s name: Torimeshi Torifujibunten
Address: 4-8-6, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 7:30~14:00
Holiday: Sundays, National holiday, a day before holidays of the market
Payment method: Pay later

店名:鳥めし 鳥藤分店



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