“Butagumishokudo”Pork with good quality

豚組食堂Today, I visited “Butagumishokudo” in Roppongi. This shop was on the 1st basement floor of Roppongi Hills North Tower, which was close to Roppongi subway station.
I arrived there at 10:27, 3 minutes before its opening. I spent a few minutes looking around there and came back at just 11 o’clock. There were 5 people waiting in line but all of us could enter the shop at opening. There was a small menu on a counter.

豚組食堂Since I was a little bit hungry, I chose pork loin cutlets(¥1,450) today.
Here came a dish in around 10 minutes.

豚組食堂I tried one piece just with a little bit of salt. I could enjoy flavor of pork a lot but I preferred to have tonkatsu with sauce. I had the rest of tonkatsu with sauce.
This was a delicious tonkatsu with good quality of pork. However, frankly speaking, I was not moved by its deliciousness. This must be partly because yesterday’s Pork saute of “Soyoichi” was too good.


Restaurant’s name: Butagumishokudo
Address: B1F Roppongihills North Tower,6-2-31,Roppongi Minato-ku,Tokyo
Operating hours: 11:00~23:00
Payment method: Pay later



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