“Soyoichi”Rich taste of pork with delicious sauce

20150801_113833_resizedToday, I visited “Soyoichi” in Ningyocho. It was located around 3 minutes walk from Ningyocho station. It was also about 3 minutes walk from Suitengumae station.

I arrived there about 11:35 and found 4 guests inside the restaurant.
Right after I sat at the counter, I ordered pork saute(¥1,800) and was asked if I preferred to have garlic or not. I answered yes since I didn’t have any appointment after lunch today.

20150801_114619_resizedHere came pork saute in about 10 minutes. There were a lot of cabbages and macaroni salads besides a large pork saute. And big quantity of garlic flavored sauce was poured all over the dish.

I cut pork saute into small pieces by a knife and a fork and ate by chopsticks. I could enjoy rich taste of pork. Furthermore, taste of sauce was excellent. Cabbages soaked in sauce were extremely delicious. I thought it would be difficult to have such a delicious pork saute somewhere else.

Even in such an extremely hot Saturday, the restaurant was full when I went back.


Restaurant’s name: Soyoichi
Address: 1-9-6, Ningyocho,Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 11:00~14:30,17:30~20:00
Holiday: Sundays, The first and second Mondays a month
Payment method: Pay later



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