“Maruka”A soba restaurant good for daily use

満留賀Today, I visited “Maruka”. It is located around 5~6 minute walk from east outlet of Ikebukuro station. It looked like an expensive restaurant from outside appearance, but the price of dishes on a menu of an outside signboard was quite reasonable.

満留賀“Tenseiro”(¥860) and “Katsuni soba set”(¥860) on a menu attracted me and today, I chose the former one. The dish came to me in about 6~7 minutes.

満留賀There was a freshly fried mixed tempura on cold soba. Welsh onions and shimeji were in a hot dip.

天せいろ(860円)A mixed tempura included onions, carrots, shrimps and welsh onions, and was very crispy. Sweetness of onions was impressive with good combination with a dip. The dip was sweet and reasonably salty. I could put all of mixed tempura and soba into a dip from the beginning to the end. You could enjoy changes through good texture of welsh onions and shimeji

There were a variety of sakes and dishes (which went well with alcohol) on a menu, so I would like to come here at dinner time next time.

Restaurant’s name: Maruka
Address: 1-36-3, Higashi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 11:00~22:30
Holiday: Sundays
Payment method: Pay later




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