“Tachizushi Aoi”Stand-up sushi bar serving tasty rice.

立鮨葵Today, I visited Tachizushi Aoi which was located under the girder of railways between Yurakucho and Tokyo stations. It was a few minute walk from Yurakucho station.

立鮨葵There were 3 lunch menus on an outside signboard. 8 pieces of nigiris+a piece pf makimono, 10 pieces of nigiris+a piece of makimono and 12 pieces of nigiris + a piece of makimono. Taking into consideration of my appetite today, I chose 10 pieces of nigiris+ a piece of makimono(¥1,000). Normally, 10 pieces of nigiris were good enough for me.
I arrived there at 11:12, 12 minutes after its opening and found one guest inside.
This is so called stand-up sushi bar which is a common style of eating sushi in old days.

立鮨葵First, 7 pieces. A Japanese scallop, a cuttlefish, a tuna, a midium-sized Japanese amberjack, a salmon, an engawa of flatfish and an inarizushi.

立鮨葵Then, 3 pieces. Seaweeds, an egg and salmon roes.

立鮨葵Finally, a negitoromaki.

立鮨葵Also an arajiru(a miso soup made from bony parts of fish)

All of them were delicious and an amberjack was fatty and especially good. Rice was also tasty with reasonable sourness.

Please drop in when you would like to have sushi but you don’t have so much time.

Restaurant’s name: Tachizushi Aoi
Address: 3-6-18, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 11:00~14:30, 17:00~23:30
Holiday: Sundays, National Holiday
Payment method: Pay later

営業時間:11:00~14:30 17:00~23:30



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