“Shunnoaji Takishita”Had a thick cut of fish

旬の味 たき下Today, I visited “Shunnoaji Takishita” in Azabujyuban. It was located 1 minute walk from Azabujyuban station.

I arrived there at 11:28, 2 minutes before its opening. However, there was a sign saying “Open”. I entered the restaurant and found that it was almost full. Some of guests have already started eating. I shared a table with some other guests.

There were 6 kinds of burned fish lunch set on a menu and I ordered Kuromutsu(sea bass) set(¥1,295). As soon as I made order, boiled hijiki, chicken and cucumber in sweetened vinegar and pickles came.

旬の味 たき下10 minutes later, main dish with a bowl of rice and a miso soup came.

旬の味 たき下First of all, I was astonished to see quantity of kuromutsu. I dare say it was 1.5 times as big as normal one. A kuromutsu was very thick and soft. The one I had had light taste with little fat. But the one a guest in front of me had looked very fatty. There must be a little bit different impression depending on pieces you had.

At any rate, I was terribly full when I finished them all.

Restaurant’s name: Shunnoaji Takishita
Address:1F, Kojima building, 2-1-11,Azabujyuban,Minato-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 11:30~14:00,17:30~23:00
Holiday: Saturdays
Payment method: Pay later

店名:旬の味 たき下


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