“Ginza Kanoko Honten”Japanese sweets shop at the center of Ginza

銀座 鹿乃子 本店Today, I visited “Ginza Kanoko Honten”. It is located just 10 seconds from the cross roads of Ginza 4 chome, the center of Ginza. It was Sunday, so Ginza was so much crowded.
I originally thought to have some tea at café on the 2nd floor of “Ginza Kanoko Honten”, but found long line of waiting people. I changed my mind just to buy “Kanoko”, the most popular one at this shop.

銀座 鹿乃子 本店What I bought today was a set of Ogura(red bean)Kanoko and Kuri(Chestnut) Kanoko(¥583).

銀座 鹿乃子 本店First, I tried Kuri Kanoko. Delicious!! It was an excellent one which you could enjoy sweetness of chestnut itself.
Then, I tried Ogura Kanoko.

銀座 鹿乃子 本店You also could enjoy taste of Ogura itself. Sweet but light. You could enjoy more with Japanese tea.

They were looked beautiful and were sure to be good candidates for souvenir.

Please drop in when you visit Ginza.

Restaurant’s name: Ginza Kanoko Honten
Address: 5-7-19, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 10:30~19:00(Weekdays, Sundays)
10:30~20:00(Saturdays, the day before National Holiday)
Holiday: New Year’s Day
Payment method: Pay later

店名:銀座 鹿乃子 本店
営業時間:[月~金・日]10:30~19:00 [土曜及び祝日前日]10:30~20:00



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