“Sakurazushi”In case you don’t have time

さくら寿司Today, I visited “Sakurazushi” in Ikebukuro. It was located within Tobu Hope Center, right next to Ikebukuro station.
I arrived there at 10:30.
Probably because it was before lunch time, there were only 3 guests inside the small shop.
I asked to serve a piece for one order.

さくら寿司First, A fatty salmon (¥150) and a sweet shrimp (¥130).A fatty salmon was really delicious.

さくら寿司Then, A tuna (¥100) and a bigfin reef squid (¥100). A tuna had a very smooth taste.


さくら寿司Next, an octopus (¥70) and a burned fatty tuna (¥200). A burned fatty tuna was a little bit too salty.

さくら寿司A yellow jack (¥200) and a sardine (¥70). A sardine was fresh and very delicious.

さくら寿司Finally, a conger eel (¥100), a squid(¥70) and a grunt(¥150). A conger eel was extremely delicious.

Above prices were without tax. Total amount I paid was \1,490.
The level of sushi was not bad and total amount I paid was not that big. In case you don’t have so much time but would like to have sushi, this shop must be a choice. .

Restaurant’s name: Sakurazushi
Address: Tobu Hope Center,,1-15-9, Nishiikebukuro,Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 10:00~22:00
Holiday: None
Payment method: Pay later




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