“Ramen Benkei Asakusahonten”A soup full of back fat

らーめん弁慶 浅草本店Today, I visited “Ramen Benkei Asakusahonten”. It was located around 6~7 minutes walk from Asakusa station. I arrived there at 12:49. The shop was almost full, but I could find a space at counter. Ramen came to me 8 minutes after I passed a ticket to a person in charge.

らーめん弁慶 浅草本店This was a ramen(¥730). Toppings were bean sprouts, welsh onions, roasted pork fillets and bamboo shoots. There were full of back fat on a bowl of soup. Looked heavy.

らーめん弁慶 浅草本店Noodles were medium thick ones and were yery chewy.
A tonkotsu soup was mild and creamy, tasted different from one’s appearance. Back fat had sweet and rich taste. Delicious!!
Bean sprouts played a good role to change tastes.
I could enjoy a ramen without lying heavily on the stomach. Today, I had shoyu(soy sauce) taste ramen. I would like to try shio(salt) one or miso taste one next time.


Restaurant’s name: Ramen Benkei Asakusahonten
Address: 2-17-9, Hanakawado, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 6:00~9:30, 11:00~4:00
Holiday: Open throughout a year
Payment method: Ticket in advance

店名:らーめん弁慶 浅草本店
営業時間:6:00~9:30 11:00~翌4:00



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