“Nitenmon Yabu”Soba restaurant which serves delicious Katsudon

二天門やぶToday, I visited “Nitenmon Yabu”, which was famous for Katsudon. It was located 5~6 minutes walk from Asakusa station.
I arrived there around 11 o’clock, its opening time and was the first one to be in the restaurant. When I made an order and sat at the table, there came an old couple and their grandson who looked like repeaters of the restaurant. They were chatting without ordering anything but dishes were coming one after another.

The grandson was looked wondering and said, “Why are dishes coming even though we don’t order anything?” The wife replied, “Because we have been here so often and ordered same things.”

I wished I could be a regular of some soba restaurant nearby. Here came Katsudon.

二天門やぶThis was a Katsudon(¥1,000). A cold tofu, pickles and a bowl of soup were also served.

二天門やぶFirst, I had katsu. Delicious!! Thick, sweet and sour taste and I was lured to have a lot of rice. As you could see in a picture, eggs are easy and softly mitigated thick taste of katsu. Rice was firm and at best condition for katsudon.

Familiar Katsudon. I wished I could come back again.

Restaurant’s name: Nitenmon Yabu
Address: 1-15-7, Hanakawado, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 11:00~19:30
Holiday: Thursdays
Payment method: Pay later




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