“Towada Metrodoriten”Taste delicious Kuretsubo Soba

十和田Today, I visited “Towada” established in 1969. It was located a few minutes walk from Asakusa station.

十和田Today’s target was “Kuretsubo Soba”(\1,000), which used Kuretsubo Kabu(turnip) as seasoning. Kuretsubo Kabu was a well-known product in Tono city, Iwate-prefecture.
It was said that once you harvested Kuretsubo kabu, you could not use relevant farm for the coming 3 years. Difficult to raise and valuable products.
I arrived there at 11:32, 12 minutes after its opening and found it was full on the first floor. I was urged to be on the second floor and found it was nearly full. It might be better to visit there a little bit earlier.
Here came one in 8 minutes.

十和田Light green Kuretsubo Kabu stimulated my appetite.

十和田At first, I tried some of Kuretsubo Kabu alone. One contained less water than radish and was tasted reasonably hot as a seasoning.

十和田Then, I had soba without anything. Soba was wide and short, and fresh and very delicious.
Dip was salty but not so much as one of “Namiki Yabusoba” and “Azumabashi Yabusoba” in Asakusa.

Finally, I put Kuretsubo Kabu into a cup of dip. Kuretsubo Kabu made a dip fresh and I could eat soba more and more. It was interesting to find a dip became less salty with Kuretsubo Kabu. Normally, I put half of soba into dip but it was OK to put soba fully this time.

十和田Sobayu was so clouded and made hot taste of Kuretsubo Kabu much milder.
Kuretsubo Kabu was a seasonal specialty. I recommend you to check in advance if you like to have one.

Restaurant’s name: Towada Metrodoriten
Address: 1-33-5, Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 11:20~20:00, 17:30 (Weekdays)
11:00~20:30(Weekends, National Holiday)
Holiday: Mondays
Payment method: Pay later

店名:十和田 メトロ通り店
営業時間:平日11:20~20:00(L.O.20:00) 土・日・祝11:00~20:30(L.O.20:00)



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