“Komagata Dojyou Honten”Enjoy Dojyou in excellent atmosphere

駒形どぜう 本店Today, I visited “Komagata Dojyou Honten” established in 1801. It was located around 5 minutes from Asakusa station.
Interior appearance had historical atmosphere. Probably, it hasn’t changed since its establishment.
At first I had beer and ordered “Dojyounabe”(\1,750) and “Koino Arai”(\980). A bottle of beer I ordered was “Asahi Super Dry”. This Asakusa was home territory of Asahi Beer.
While I was having some beer a little by little, “Dojyounabe” came.

駒形どぜう 本店Dojyous(loaches) were tightly put on a pan. I got a lecture of the way to eat dojous from a person in charge and put a bunch of welsh onion on dojyous.

駒形どぜうIt was said it was time to eat if welsh onions became wilted. While I was looking for something eat with some beer, “Koino Arai” was served.

駒形どぜうIt was normal way to eat “Koi(Carp)no Arai” with venegared miso. I could enjoy good texture of “Koi” without having fishy smell.

While I was having “Koi”, welsh onion became wilted. It was time to eat “Dojyounabe”. Dojyou was also normally fishy, but I didn’t notice any fishy taste with today’s dojyou. Bones of dojyous were so soft that I could enjoy their delicious taste with welsh onions without taking care of their hardness.

駒形どぜうFinally, I had “Yanagawanabe”(1,750), too. Dojyous, bones of which had been taken out, were covered by eggs. This dish was easy to eat and delicious!

I could enjoy delicious food and excellent atmosphere. I went home thinking over Edo period.

Restaurant’s name: Komagata Dojyou Honten
Address: 1-7-12, Komagata, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 11:00~21:00
Holiday: Open throughout a year
Payment method: Pay later

店名:駒形どぜう 本店



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