“Butadaigaku”Fully satisfactory Donburi

豚大学Today, I visited “Butadaigaku” in Shimbashi. It was on 1st floor of New Shimbashi Building which was about s minute walk from Shimbashi station.
I arrived there at 12:15.
It was full inside the shop. There were around 10 people waiting in line. I bought a ticket out of vending machine and stood in line. Peoples were coming one after another, but because of good turnover, number of people waiting in line mostly kept around 10.
I could sit at counter in 5 minutes and 10 more minutes later, half boiled egg(\110) came.

20150701_123332_resized_2Then, a few minutes later, Butadon large (\810) came. I had asked to make rice smaller, but my request seemed to be forgotten. It was much bigger than expected.

20150701_123433_resized_2Good flavor of burned pork stimulated my appetite. Burned pork dipped in hot and sweet sauce was firm and got along with rice very well.
I could eat rice more and more.

When I finished around 70% of the dish, I put half boiled egg on rice.. Also great match with rice.

It was really satisfactory Donburi!!

Restaurant’s name: Butadaigaku(豚大学)
Address: New Shimbashi Building2-16-1,Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 10:30~21:45(Weekdays)
11:00~15:50, 16:30~20;15(Saturdays)
Holiday: Sundays in odd numbered months
Payment method: Ticket in advance


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