“Ipudo Ginzaten”A leader of Tonkotsu Ramen

一風堂Today, I visited “Ipudo”, which had been established in 1985.
Ipudo was famous for its mild tonkotsu ramen which removed odor completely. Ipudo had a lot of branches all over Japan and the world.
I arrived there at 11:20, 20 minutes after its opening. I could be in the shop without waiting.
Today’s branch of “Ipudo” was its Ginzaten, which was located a minute from Higashi Ginza station.

一風堂Taking a look at a menu, I found a bargain lunch set for weekdays (11:00~15:00) only. A lunch set (Ramen price+¥100)=Ramen+5 pieces of gyouza+rice. B lunch (Ramen price +¥100)=Ramen+5 pieces of gyouza+small mentaiko rice.
I ordered A lunch set of Akamaru Shinaji (¥830+¥100).

一風堂Ipudo was famous for delicious hot bean sprouts.

一風堂I have been waiting ramen for 10 minutes by picking up hot bean sprouts.

一風堂This was an A set. You could have another helping of rice for free.

一風堂Toppings were welsh onions, cloud ear mushrooms, roasted pork fillets, hot miso and flavor oil.

一風堂Noodles were thin and straight. They were not that firm and easy to eat. A soup was mild and sweet without any odor. However, this Akamaru Shinaji had hotness and wildness with flavor oil.
This A set had excellent cost performance.

There were 19 branches just within Tokyo. Why don’t you try one?

Restaurant’s name: Ipudo Ginzaten
Address: 1F Central building, 4-10-3, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 11:00~2:00(Mondays to Thursdays)
11:00~3:00(Fridays, Saturdays, A day before National Holiday)
11:00~1:00(Sundays, National Holiday)
Holiday: Open throughout a year
Payment method: Ticket in advance

店名:一風堂 銀座店
住所:東京都中央区銀座4-10-3 セントラルビル 1F
営業時間:[月~木]11:00~翌2:00 [金土・祝前日]11:00~翌3:00 [日祝]11:00~翌1:00



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