“Kingken Tokyoten”Your tongue would become numb with tasty Tantanmen

キング軒Today, I visited “Kingken Tokyoten”. This “Kingken”, which was famous for Shirunashi Tantanmen, came to Tokyo from Hiroshima prefecture. It was located a few minutes walk from Shibakoen station. I arrived there at 11:15, 15 minutes after its opening. I could enter the shop without waiting. Taking a look at a vending machine, Shirunashi Tantanmen had 4 levels of hotness, from 1kara to 4kara. I was not good at hot dishes but chose Shirunashi Tantanmen large 2kara(\680), which was said to be the most popular one. Tantanmen came in 2 minutes.

キング軒Right after the dish came, a spicy and refreshing flavor of Sichuan pepper was spreading around. A person in charge urged me to stir one more than 30 times. I did as told.

キング軒One became like this.

キング軒Wowoo,, It was much hotter than expected. My tongue became numb because of Sichuan pepper. Then, hotness of Chinese chili oil gradually attacked. Peculiar to this one was that you could experience rich taste and sweetness after severe hot attack.

It was worth to try if you liked hot dishes.

Restaurant’s name: Kingken Tokyoten
Address: 2-10-5, Shibakouen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 11:00~15:00, 17:00~20:00(Tuesdays to Saturdays)
11:00~15:00(Sundays, National Holiday)
Holiday: Mondays
Payment method: Ticket in advance

店名:キング軒 東京店
営業時間:[火~土] 11:00~15:00 17:00~20:00 [日・祝] 11:00~15:00



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