“Oreryuu Shio Ramen Shibuya Honten”All toppings get along well in a soup

俺流塩らーめん 渋谷本店Today, I visited “Oreryuu Shio Ramen Shibuya Honten”. It was located 10 minutes walk from Shibuya station. Shinsen station was nearer, just a few minutes walk. I arrived there at 11:08, 8 minutes past its opening. I was the first one to be in. As soon as I sat at the table, a person in charge kindly served hot towel. This was probably my first experience to be served a hot towel at ramen shop. What a hospitality!
When I handed over a ticket, I was asked thickness and firmness of noodles. I ordered thin noodles as recommended and medium firm.
Here came a ramen in a few minutes.

俺流塩らーめん 渋谷本店Oreryuu jyukusei Shio ramen(¥680). Toppings were welsh onions, spinaches, roasted pork fillets, bamboo shoots and a Yuzu. It looked low priced.

俺流塩らーめん 渋谷本店Noodles were medium thin and chewy. You could enjoy one’s texture. A soup was based on chicken and odor was completely removed. It was mild and creamy. This ramen was not heavy and easy to eat.

俺流塩らーめん 渋谷本店When I finished almost half of one, I started to put toppings.
First, iwanori. Flavor of nori and sea matched a sweet soup.
Next, shavings of tangle. Salty taste of shavings of tangle made one better.
Plum was the third one. Sourness made a good change.
Finally, Yuzu pepper. Made one more flavory and spicy.

The most impressive thing was all toppings were getting along well together within a soup. It was worth to try this ramen.

Restaurant’s name: Oreryuu Shio Ramen Shibuya Honten
Address: 1F Asahiya building, 1-22-8, Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 11:00~6:00
Holiday: Open throughout a year
Payment method: Ticket in advance

店名:俺流塩らーめん 渋谷本店
住所:東京都渋谷区道玄坂1-22-8 朝日屋ビル1F



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