“Umegaokazushi no Midorisouhonten Shibuyaten”Found reason why it’s so popular

梅丘寿司の美登利総本店 渋谷店Today, I visited “Umegaokazushi no Midorisouhonten Shibuyaten”. It was located on 4th floor of Shibuya Mark City East Mall. I sometimes walked through its Ginzaten and always found long line of people both lunch and dinner time. Today, I tried to be there very early with strong determination.

DSC_1658But actually, I arrived there around 10 minutes before its opening. Here at this restaurant, you should buy a ticket out of a vending machine. In my case, a ticket showed No.“22”. This meant I was 22nd person to be at the table among waiting list. If you didn’t get this ticket, you would never be in the restaurant. So please be careful.

DSC_1663I could enter at the first turnover and took at a look at menu. What attracted me was a super special lunch(\2,000), which included a whole conger eel. Right after my order, service started.


DSC_1669A salad with crab inward sauce, a Japanese steamed egg custard and a miso soup (forgot to take picture). This was my first experience to have a salad with crab inward sauce. I found lettuce and crab inward sauce matched very well. A Japanese steamed egg, which seemed to be based on good soup stock, was also very tasty.

DSC_1671Two medium fat tunas, amberjack(?), Japanese scallop and horse mackerel. All were large and good value.
DSC_1673A large sweet shrimp and a raw snow crab. It was incredible to have raw snow crab in this set menu.!! Great!!

梅丘寿司の美登利総本店 渋谷店Sea urchin and salmon roa. Became happy just by looking.

DSC_1676Finally, a whole of conger eel and a negitoro roll. Conger eel was soft and suit with sweet sauce.

Everything was too gorgeous for a set menu for only \2,000. I understood why so many people were coming to this restaurant regardless of long line of waiting people.
You can check how crowded it is at its hompage in advance. It’s worth to keep in mind.

Restaurant’s name: Umegaokazushi no Midorisouhonten Shibuyaten
Address: 4F East mall, Shibuya mark City,1-12-3, Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 11:00~22:00(Weekdays)
11:00~21:00(Weekends, National Holiday)
Holiday: January 1
Payment method: Pay later

店名:梅丘寿司の美登利総本店 渋谷店
住所:東京都渋谷区道玄坂1-12-3 渋谷マークシティ イーストモール 4F



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