“Musashiya Shibadaimonten”Enjoy sweet and delicious fat of pork!

20150619_120143_resizedToday, I visited “Musashiya” in Shibadaimon. It was located around 3 minutes walk from Onarimon station and 5 minutes walk from Daimon station.
The restaurant was quite near from Tokyo Tower.
I arrived there about 11:30, an opening time.

20150619_113157_resizedThere were 2 gentlemen sitting at the counter and both of them ordered Jyou loin Tonkatsu(¥1,650). I ordered loin Tonkatsu(¥1,350) and sat at the counter. However, guests coming one after another mostly ordered Jyou loin Tonkatsu. I happened to say “Please change my order to Jyou loin Tonkatsu”.
Here came the Tonkatsu in 10 minutes.

20150619_114221_resizedVery thick Tonkatsu.It seemed this Tonkatsu had more fatty part of meat than normal one. Fatty part was sweet and delicious. I encountered some rare portion which was difficult to bite off but tasty. This Tonkatsu was voluminous and have reasonable cost performance. It was free to order additional rice or cabbage.
I went out after check and found around 15 people were waiting in line.


Restaurant’s name: Musashiya Shibadaimonten
Address: 1F,Daitetsu Manshon,1-11-3, Shibadaimon,Minato-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 11:30~14:00,17:30~22:00(Weekdays)
Holiday: Weekends, National Holiday
Payment method: Pay later


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