“Shibadaimon Sarashinanunoya Honten”Feel season with 3 kinds soba

芝大門 更科布屋 本店-外観Today, I visited “Shibadaimon Sarashinanunoya Honten”established in 1791.It was located just at A6 outlet of Daimon station. I entered the shop at 11:00.At that time, there were only 5 guests inside. However, group of large number of businessmen were entering and going upstairs.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen I took a look at menu, my eyes were on the month’s special, 3 kinds of soba(¥950). Here came one in 8~9 minutes.

三色そばLooked cool and stimulated my appetite. Three kinds soba were Sarashina(white), Perilla(green) and Red pepper(yellow in a picture but pale red). Kinds of Three soba would change depending on season.

三色そばSoba in total were thin and went down smoothly. Green one was cool and had a flavor of perilla. Red one had a flavor of red pepper and a little bit hot. It was my first experience to have this type of soba and enjoyed one very much.
Dip was sweet and soft, and had rich taste. My favorite way was to put almost half of soba into dip.

つゆFinally, I had dip with sobayu. It was the most pleasant time. It was really delicious!!



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