“Yamebe Uenoten”Surprisingly low priced Loin Tonkatsu.

山家 上野店-外観Today, I visited “Yamabe Uenoten”. It was located a few minutes walk from Okachimachi station.

山家 上野店-看板Taking a look at outdoor signboard, I found Loin Tonkatsu set was just \700. Too cheap!! Or very thin loin tonkatsu? At any rate, I should try. I arrived there at 10:55, 5 minutes before its opening. I entered the shop at its opening, and found people were coming one after another. It became full at once on the first floor and people were going up to the second floor. I ordered loin tonkatsu set (\700). Right after that, pickles and tea were served.

山家 上野店-お茶It seemed one more branch was there around this area and that one had a long line of waiting people at that moment. This shop was sure to be a very popular one in Ueno area. The dish came in around 7 minutes.

山家-ロースかつ定食Loin tonkatsu, thinly sliced cabbage, pickles, shijimi clam miso soup and rice. An orthodox set menu.

山家 上野店-ロースかつPlease look at this tonkatsu. Too thick for \700!! Pork was soft and had not so much fatty part. Tonkatsu was lightly fried, so you didn’t feel one heavy. I didn’t even expect why they could serve them at \700. Both cabbage and rice were large. I could find a lot of tonkatsu shops in Ueno, which must be a very competitive tonkatsu area. I would like to come back again soon.
Restaurant’s name: Yamabe Uenoten
Address: 4-5-1, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 11:00~22:00
Holiday: Open throughout a year
Payment method: Pay later

店名:山家(やまべ) 上野店



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