“Magurobito Kaminarimon Shuchoujyo”Stand-up Sushi shop Asakusa residents frequently visit

まぐろ人雷門出張所-外観Today, I went to “Magurobito Kaminarimon Shuchoujyo”, which was a stand-up sushi shop Asakusa residents frequently visited. It was located 1~2 minutes walk from Asakusa station.

まぐろ人雷門出張所-メニューI arrived there at 10:45, 15 minutes before its opening. I waited its opening looking at menu on an outdoor signboard. There were 6 people in line at opening and the shop became full in a few minutes. When I tried to order, I was asked how many pieces I would like to have by one order. I answered “One piece”.

まぐろ人雷門出張所-真鯛(140円)、コハダ(140円)Red sea bream(left,¥140), Gizzard shad(¥140)
車子、赤身Giant clam(¥140), Tuna(¥170)

ホタテ、イカJapanese scallop(¥170), Golden cuttlefish(¥170)

あじ、づけHorse mackerel(¥170), Tuna pickled in soy sauce(¥170)


Overall impression was,
1. Sushi toppings were thick and large.
2. Less vinegar in rice
3. Larger portion of wasabi

Most delicious one was tune. Tuna played an excellent job with dried seaweed in Negitoromaki.
You had better stay there short, since it was a stand-up sushi shop.

Restaurant’s name: Magurobito Kaminarimon Shuchoujyo(まぐろ人雷門出張所)
Address: 2-18-12, Kmaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 11:00~22:00(Mondays to Saturdays)
11:00~21:00(Sundays, National Holidays)
Holiday: Open throughout a year
Payment method: Pay later



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