“Azumabashi Yabusoba”Felt summer with firm soba through cold water

吾妻橋薮そば-外観Today, I visited “Azumabashi Yabusoba”. It was located 5 minutes walk from Asakusa station.
I had arrived there 5 minutes before its opening and have been taking pictures. A landlady came out and invited me into the restaurant.

吾妻橋薮そば-メニュー After having take at menu, I was at a loss to choose small or middle size morisoba for a while. At the end, I decided to order small morisoba(¥700).

吾妻橋薮そば-内観You could see modern interior and hear classic music. Here came soba in 5 minutes.


吾妻橋薮そば-蕎麦First, I tried soba itself. I love this soba! It became firm with cold water. When you bit one, you could have good soba flavor.

吾妻橋薮そば-つゆThen, I had soba with a soy-based dip. It was salty which was a characteristics of Yabusoba. But this dip had more taste of soy sauce than other Yabusoba. I recommend you to put 1/3 of soba into the dip and eat through.
吾妻橋薮そば-蕎麦湯Finally, I had dip with sobayu(hot water that boiled soba). This was also great. I loved this way of finishing dip.

蚊取り線香A mosquito coil was at the outside. Summer was coming.

Restaurant’s name: Azumabashi Yabusoba(吾妻橋薮そば)
Address: 1-11-2, Azumabashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours:11:30~16:0
Holiday: Mondays, Tuesdays
Payment method: Pay later



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