“Yabuizu Souhonten”Decent and great cost performance

薮伊豆総本店-外観Today, I visited “Yabuizu Souhonten” established at the end of Edo Period. It was located 5 minutes walk from Nihombashi station.
This restaurant had 3 floors. Guests who had made reservations were all guided to 2nd and 3rd floors. I arrived at 11:15, 15 minutes past its opening and found no guest on 1st floor.
I ordered Manekineko lunch(¥1,080) out of 2 lunch specials
Here came the one in 6 minutes.

薮伊豆総本店-料理This lunch set included 2 Morisoba, a shrimp tempura, a sweet green pepper tempura, freeze dried tofu, Chopped burdock root,boiled fish paste, small bowl and rice with buckwheat’s seed. It was only \1,080 with these.

First soba itself. I could enjoy soba flavor. .Soba was soft and light. Then, with a dip of soy sauce. A little bit salty one but also sweet. It must be good to dip half of soba. Glad to have 2 morisoba.

海老の天ぷらTempura was light and delicious. It was joyful to come to Soba shop with delicious Tempura.
The others, such as chopped burdock root and freeze dried tofu, were all light taste. I could enjoy taste of ingredients.

蕎麦湯Finally, I had dip with sobayu(hot water that boiled soba). It was delicious enough to request another one.

そば茶Soba tea was also served.
This was a very good soba restaurant where you would like to refresh with lunch.

Restaurant’s name: Yabuizu Souhonten(薮伊豆総本店)
Address: 3-15-7, Nihombashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours:11:00~15:00(lunch,weekdays), 17:00~22:00(dinner,Mondays to Thursdays), 17:00~22:30(dinner,Fridays), 11:30~22:00(Saturdays,National Holiday)
Holiday: Sundays
Payment method: Pay later



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