“Shinbusakiya Shibuyaten”Great flavor of Miso

20150530_112847_resizedToday, I visited “Shinbusakiya Shibuyaten” which was on Dougenzaka road and around 5 minutes walk from Shibuya station.
Outside appearance.

20150530_115307_resizedIt seemed that this shop was originated in Hokkaido and famous for burned miso ramen. I bought a ticket of “Burned Miso Ramen(¥820) and entered into the restaurant.

20150530_113532_resizedIt was around 11:40 and found no guest inside.
Iced water and wet towel were served first. Paper apron was recommended.

20150529_120646_resizedHere came ramen in 5 minutes. Aroud this time, Guestd were coming inside one after another. Excellent flavor of miso came around. Soup was a little bit salty but rich and delicious. Harmony of noodle and soup were nice. Pork loin fillet was soft and juicy. I finished them up all at once.


Restaurant’s name: Shinbusakiya Shibuyaten(真武咲弥 渋谷店)
Address: 2-10-3, Dougenzaka,Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: 11:00~5:00(Mondays to Thursdays), 11:00~7:00(Fridays and Saturdays), 11:00~2:00(Sundays)
Holiday: Open throughout a year
Payment method: Buy ticket in advance


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