“Namiki Yabu Soba” Salty dip which you could feel Edo Period

並木藪蕎麦 -外観Today, I visited “Namiki Yabu Soba” established in 1913. It was located a few minutes walk from Asakusa station. I arrived there at 10:40, 20 minutes befpre its opening time.There was not anyone at that time, but were 6 people in line at opening.
I asked a person in charge if it was possible to make Zarusoba large. His answer was No, so I ordered normal Zarusoba(¥750).
Here came Zarusoba in 5 minutes.

並木藪蕎麦 -ざるそば

並木藪蕎麦 -蕎麦First, I had just soba. Soba was thin and had decent soba flavor.

並木藪蕎麦-つゆThen, I had soba with a soy-based dip. Namiki’s dip was said to be the most salty one in Tokyo. Therefore, I dipped soba just a little bit and ate all at once. It certainly was more salty than normal soba dip. But not just salty but sweetness and rich taste were also condensed.
By having just a little bit of salty dip, you could enjoy sweetness of soba itself. If you didn’t make mistake of quantity of dip to take, It was a very delicious soba.

ねぎ・わさびIn the middle, I took welsh onion and wasabi and enjoyed difference of taste.

蕎麦湯Finally, I had dip with sobayu(hot water that boiled soba). This was also great. Sobayu made it to be a mellow and delicious soup.
Salty dip which you could feel Edo period. Please try!!

Restaurant’s name: Namiki Yabu Soba(並木藪蕎麦)
Address: 2-11-9, Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours:11:00~19:30
Holiday: Thursdays
Payment method: Pay later



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